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Weir Rockin' Concert Info

Weir Rockin' Concert Information

Weir Rockin' Concert Information

Weir Rockin' is a non-profit, volunteer-based community group, formed in conjunction with the Springfield Lake Recreation Association (SLRA) in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The committee was formed in November 2006, at which time a feasibility study was initiated to see if the community could and would support the idea of an annual outdoor local rock concert.

Classic 80s rock band April Wine was our first choice for the inaugural year (2007), as their music has spanned several generations and they were sure to be well received by everyone. They were!

We approached April Wine in early 2007 and they were very receptive to our offer. In early 2008, we approached Chilliwack & Haywire for WEIR ROCKIN' 2008 and once again, WEIR ROCKIN' took flight! In 2009, Trooper headlined Weir Rockin', and we're still rockin' all these years later!

We can be reached at info @

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