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Weir Rockin' History

WeirRockin' History

Weir Rockin' was formed in 2006 by a small group of volunteers from the Sackville, Nova Scotia area. The (first) summer of '07 was a major sell-out. Opening act The MacGillvray Brothers, a local favourite and headliners April Wine rocked the sell-out crowd!

With the concert infrastructure taking shape, the committee decided to keep rockin! We returned again in 2008 featuring popular 80s bands Chilliwack and Haywire. This time Jon Mullane and Under the Sun filled the opening act spots and did an awesome job warming up the crowd.

By 2009 word about the event had spread far and wide. Fans were now scheduling summer vacations around Weir Rockin' and a serious buzz surrounded the event. In August of that year the show was kicked-off with a long-time Sackville favourite, Chambermade. Then rock legends Harlequin took to the stage, followed by Canadian rock legends Trooper.

What started off as a real long-shot idea, has now become a staple of summer for the people of Sackville and surrounding areas. Operated entirely by volunteers, Weir Rockin' has quickly been tagged as one of the best-run local events of the summer season.

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